Introduction of Hamyar Beton Shirkouh Yazd Company

The technology-driven and knowledge-based company, Hamyar Beton Shirkooh Yazd, with over 15 years of continuous and dynamic activity in the production of various types of precast concrete parts, is now recognized as one of the top companies in the country’s concrete industry. By enhancing technical knowledge and consulting with both domestic and international experts, this company has managed to produce over 425,000 cubic meters of various precast concrete parts in accordance with the latest global standards.

High technical expertise, advanced equipment, experienced engineers, a state-of-the-art laboratory, a quality control department, modern curing systems, and a strategic location have enabled the company to offer its products nationwide. The determination and commitment of the board of directors and senior management have consistently guided this private company towards development and excellence over the years, addressing some of the employment concerns of the young workforce in this country.

It is evident that efforts and investments in this vast field have come with many problems and challenges. However, the goal of entrepreneurship, both directly and indirectly, has been the primary factor considered beyond economic incentives.

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Hamyar Beton Shirkooh

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Navid Golha Alley, SefidKooh industrial town, Taft, yazd, IRAN

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Unit 14c, Iqbal Science and Technology Park, Motehari street, Yazd, IRAN


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Activities of Hamyar Beton Shirkouh Yazd Company

Hamyar Beton Shirkouh Yazd Cooperative Knowledge-Based Company was established in 2000 and began its activities with the department of concrete products production and the manufacture of precast concrete walls in Yazd. This company has always prioritized integrity and learning, striving to produce the best and highest quality products through a team of specialized and dedicated experts, advanced equipment, and technical innovations. Over the years, the company has had the honor of collaborating with over 210 clients and 260 projects. We have consistently aimed to exceed expectations, contributing to the beautification of urban environments, promoting culture through designs based on Iranian symbols, developing urban infrastructure, and enhancing security.

The activities of this department are not limited to Yazd province. We have successfully produced and installed our products across the nation, including in the provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Fars, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Khuzestan, South Khorasan, Tehran, Bushehr, and Isfahan, tailored to the needs of clients and environmental conditions of the projects.

In this department, we always value customer feedback and have expanded our product range to meet diverse needs through specialized designs. We can produce and offer precast walls in heights ranging from 1 to 3 meters, with various designs, suitable for steep slopes, strong winds, and different environmental conditions.

In 2017, the concrete products production department decided to venture into the production of prestressed concrete sleepers, aiming to contribute to the development of the country’s rail lines and infrastructure. Currently, this department can produce over 120,000 sleepers annually to meet the demands of rail projects and enhance the national rail infrastructure.

Continuing on this path, the department began producing glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) products under the brand name GRC. These products have been well received and have significantly contributed to the beautification of building facades and urban elements.

In 2022, the company decided to establish an Innovation and Concrete Development Center to improve the quality and safety of concrete structures through consultation and problem-solving. This center, recognized as a specialized hub for the concrete industry in central, southern, and southeastern Iran, has enabled us to achieve the technology for producing Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), a technology available in only 10 to 15 countries worldwide, and now accessible in Iran thanks to the efforts of this center.

In 2023, HBS decided to establish the Building Chemistry Department to produce specialized concrete additives. By collaborating with specialists at the Innovation and Concrete Development Center, we have further improved concrete quality and enhanced the safety and strength of structures, raising industry standards in Iran.

We are always striving to make our beloved homeland proud.

Vision and Goals of HBS

Like a guiding star, our vision leads us to greater heights. We aim to become a leading company with superior technology in the concrete industry and, by expanding our horizons, create endless value for our stakeholders.

Although this path is adorned with numerous challenges, we regard entrepreneurship as a sacred mission. Our goal, beyond economic incentives, lies in creating job opportunities and developing technical knowledge, striving to bring about significant transformation in society through perseverance and unity.

Our motto, “We Build Pride,” reflects our pursuit of lofty goals and our belief that every piece of concrete we produce contributes to the development of the country and the enhanced security of our fellow citizens.

Future Path of HBS

With faith in our capabilities and leveraging advanced innovations and technologies, along with our experienced and educated specialists, we are stepping towards greater achievements. HBS is recognized as a pioneer in the concrete industry in central, southern, and southeastern Iran, an honor that stems from our continuous efforts and commitment to quality and innovation.

We envision a bright future filled with endless opportunities and are moving towards building pride and fulfilling our mission through continuous collaboration and effort.

HBS is committed to creating sustainable value for its stakeholders. By relying on the best technologies and innovations and with the support of our experienced and educated specialists, we strive to establish HBS as a global leader in the concrete industry. We believe that through continuous collaboration, effort, commitment, and expertise, we can reach new heights and bring unparalleled honors to our beloved country.