Construction chemistry department

The Construction chemistry department of HBS is working with the aim of improving the quality of concrete and the strength of structures in the center and south of the country.

بخش شیمی ساختمان شرکت HBS

what are we doing?

With more than 20 years of reputation and experience in the field of concrete production and prefabricated concrete parts, HBS has taken a step in the field of producing concrete additives and by producing concrete lubricants and other concrete additives using modern technologies and an expert team committed to producing products with High quality and optimal performance for various prestigious urban and industrial construction projects.

HBS provides expert advice to employers, concrete stations, contractors, supervising engineers and manufacturers of precast concrete parts, in order to solve possible defects and defects of concrete and concreting through the production of concrete additives that are compatible with the climate of the region, time operation, mixing plan and type of cement used; In order to increase the quality of concrete and the strength of structures, effective steps have been taken and the results will be positive.

With the focus on scientific and innovative activities, HBS has sought to allocate part of its profits to the development of infrastructure and equipment in various fields of building chemistry and concrete, and by creating a field for the expansion of knowledge to turn it into industry and wealth, and also by expanding the sectors Scientific/research and production itself is a suitable basis for the employment of the educated people of the country.

What is our goal?

Our most important goal is to reduce water consumption, increase resistance and green innovation in the concrete and construction industry.



We have put the energy and effect of our human and expert force in the direction of the settlement of Iran and the strength of the structures, and we are trying to step forward with continuous improvement every day better than yesterday in the direction of realizing our goals, which is the improvement of concrete and the construction of strong structures.

As a well-known and reliable name in the market, we provide the best support to our dear customers from our efforts to provide services and products of international standards.