The reason for using and advantages of precast concrete wall

Precast concrete walls are used in the construction industry for several reasons and have many advantages over conventional construction methods.

Below are some of the reasons for using precast concrete walls and their advantages:

  1. Construction speed: One of the biggest advantages of using precast concrete walls is the high speed in the construction process. These walls are usually manufactured in the factory and then transported to the building site. This method reduces the construction and implementation time of the building, and as a result, it can greatly reduce labor and time costs.
  2. High quality: Precast concrete walls are usually produced in factory conditions that have strict control over the materials and production process. This issue makes the construction quality and strength of the walls to be significantly high. Also, by using advanced technologies, including steel fiber reinforced systems, it is possible to produce walls with greater resistance and longer life.
  3. Reducing the wastage of resources: The construction of precast concrete walls is done in factories equipped with special equipment. This means reducing the waste of resources such as water and energy. In addition, the use of precast concrete walls can reduce construction waste and increase material recycling.
  4. Design flexibility: Precast concrete walls have a lot of flexibility in building design. They can have different shapes and dimensions based on different needs. Also, they can be easily connected to other structures using various connections.
  5. Environmental sustainability: The use of precast concrete walls can contribute to environmental sustainability. Due to the reduction of construction time and optimal use of resources, energy and materials, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental effects related to construction are reduced.
  6. Resistance to external factors: Precast concrete walls usually have high resistance to external factors such as earthquake, fire, humidity and heat. These features can help increase the safety and stability of the building.
  7. Maintenance and repair costs: Precast concrete walls usually require less maintenance and repair than conventional construction methods. This is due to their high quality and long-term resistance. As a result, the costs related to the maintenance and repair of the building are reduced for a long time.
  1. Building safety: Precast concrete walls are among the ways that can help building safety. These walls usually have high strength and the ability to withstand seismic loads. Their design and construction by complying with construction standards and seismic regulations can reduce the risks caused by earthquakes and increase the building’s resistance against earthquakes.
  1. Spatial limitations: In some cases, spatial limitations can limit the construction of a structure. The use of precast concrete walls, due to its flexible design and the possibility of customization, allows the limited space to be used more and allows designers and engineers to improve the design and implementation of the building with space limitations.
  1. Improved project management: Using precast concrete walls can help improve project management. Shorter construction time and assurance of manufacturing quality in the manufacturing plant allow project managers to have better planning and control over their project. Also, since these walls are produced before the time of installation, it is possible to implement other parts of the building at the same time and reduce the overall project time.
  1. Reduction of disorders and injuries: Precast concrete buildings are usually produced in a dry and controlled factory bed. This problem minimizes problems such as climate change, pollution, pests and injuries caused by external factors. As a result, the quality and strength of the walls is much higher than the structures built on site.

In general, the use of precast concrete walls can increase construction speed, improve quality, reduce waste of resources and costs, design flexibility and reduce environmental impacts. These advantages have caused the use of these types of walls to increase in the construction industry.

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