brick design wall 4cm

Code Scale Height
Brick 5cm w02 10cm * 200cm * 400cm 2 m
Brick 4cm w03 10cm * 200cm * 400cm 2 m
Brick 4cm w01 10cm * 240cm * 400cm 2/4 m

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Precast reinforced concrete walls with rebar have high resistance to destructive factors such as strong winds and earthquakes. These precast walls can be used as partition walls between grounds, perimeter walls, urban beautification, and factory fencing, available in various designs and colors with specified widths and heights. These walls have separate columns and foundations for vertical and horizontal stability. This unit has the capacity to produce 30,000 square meters of various wall types annually.

Brick-patterned walls are one of the oldest and most popular designs of HBS, providing a traditional and warm appearance using brick patterns. These walls are suitable for residential, commercial, and even industrial environments and, due to their design versatility, can be used in various projects.


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