HBS Achieves Recognition as an Innovative Knowledge-Based Company

The Concrete Innovation and Development Center (HBS) is proud to have achieved the technology to produce Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), a feat accomplished by only 10 to 15 countries worldwide. We are honored to contribute to the growth and advancement of concrete technology in Iran.

Key properties of this concrete include:

    1. Extremely high compressive strength up to 200 MPa (compared to 20-40 MPa for ordinary concrete)
    2. Very high tensile strength from 4 to 10 MPa (ordinary concrete tensile strength is 0)
    3. High flexural strength up to 40 MPa due to fiber reinforcement (compared to 4-6 MPa for ordinary concrete)
    4. High ductility (ability to withstand tensile loads even after cracking)
    5. No need for reinforcement for non-load-bearing parts
    6. High durability with a very low water-to-cement ratio
    7. Chloride ion penetration resistance
    8. Can be produced in various shapes with self-compacting performance
    9. Excellent resistance to abrasion and high temperatures
    10. Minimal creep and shrinkage after curing

If you are interested in learning more about UHPC concrete and other related products, be sure to check out other sections of our website and articles.

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