HBS Company proudly unveils its new logo and major transformations!

We are proud and delighted to announce that HBS, under the guidance of senior management and the marketing team, has redesigned its logo and will continue its activities with a new symbol. This change represents the company’s continuous progress and development, emphasizing our commitment to core principles and values.

New HBS Logo

The new HBS logo is inspired by the traditional and beautiful doors of Yazd, embodying authenticity and resilience, and establishing a deep connection with our rich and magnificent heritage. With this new identity, we will embark on new paths and step towards a brighter future.

Traditional Doors of Yazd

Click here to view the classic design precast concrete wall inspired by the traditional doors of Yazd.

Engineer Hamidreza Hakimian, CEO of HBS, stated about these changes: “The logo change reflects our commitment to innovation and progress. This change allows us to look to the future with a fresh spirit and new vision while presenting our cultural and historical identity in a new way. HBS is moving towards a future with new horizons, preserving past principles. These changes symbolize our dedication and responsibility towards our valued customers and society. With these changes, we will strive to continue our path with greater strength and confidence, achieving new honors for the collection.”

He added to his colleagues: “Friends, these changes signify the beginning of a new and challenging path. You, as the beating heart of this collection, play a significant role in achieving our great goals. With your tireless efforts, we will be able to reach higher peaks and create a brighter future for ourselves and society. Let’s move towards this new path with hope and motivation and create pride.”

Amirhossein Hakimian, the leader of the marketing team, believes that this redesign will not only enhance our brand recognition but also establish a deeper and more effective connection with our loyal customers. He also has a special thank you to all the engineers of the company for their tireless efforts on this path. He added: “The new logo is a reflection of our pride and commitment to building a better and brighter future. These major changes will assist us in the main mission of the company, which is to innovate and improve the concrete and construction industry in Iran. We look to a future full of pride and progress. These changes symbolize our determination to enter new fields and achieve higher goals. Our dream is to build a modern and sustainable society, which will become a reality with the joint efforts of all members of this big family.”

New HBS Slogan

“Building with Pride” will be present in all aspects of our activities, and we will proudly refer to this slogan wherever we can. This slogan embodies our commitment to creating and building a better and more sustainable environment, similar to the approach we have taken in construction projects.

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