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What are the types of precast concrete products?
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete precast products
  • Prestressed reinforced concrete products in two ways, pre-tensioned and post-tensioned
  • Simple, patterned and meshed precast concrete wall pieces
  • Types of slab products including pre-slab, complete slab, cubiax, floor slab, stone slab
  • Custom precast concrete products
How much is the price of precast concrete products and what factors does it depend on?

The price of precast concrete products depends on many factors, including dimensions, type of materials and materials used in the part, size and shape, and its design. In addition to this, the cost of transportation, installation of the structure, and the hiring of contractors and professional workers are also added to the purchase price of precast components.

It is suggested that you contact us through the above communication methods for better information about the price of the factory door or the shipping costs

What are the advantages of using precast products?
  • Reducing construction and execution time
  • High resistance and strength against weather conditions and natural disasters
  • The possibility of construction in all weather conditions
  • Reducing the cost of raw materials
  • Reducing construction waste and reducing noise and dust
  • The possibility of making and producing in different dimensions and sizes for special purposes
How can I place an order and buy?

You can inquire about the price or purchase from the company in person or by phone

Can I visit the company?

Yes, Sure

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If you want to visit the company, contact the collection management for coordination

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